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What is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Used Car Finance

PCP finance, or Personal Contract Purchase finance, is a popular method of car financing that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It works by allowing the buyer to pay a deposit on a new or used car, and then make monthly payments over a fixed period of time. At the end of the agreement, the buyer can choose to make a final payment to own the car outright or return the vehicle to the dealership. PCP finance offers a number of benefits, including lower monthly payments than traditional car finance, flexible payment terms, and the ability to upgrade to a new car at the end of the agreement. However, it is important to be aware of the potential downsides, such as the need to carefully manage mileage and maintenance costs, and the risk of negative equity if the value of the car drops below the outstanding balance of the agreement.

What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

Hire Purchase Finance (HP) Used Car Finance

HP finance, or Hire Purchase finance, is a type of car finance that allows the buyer to purchase a vehicle by paying fixed monthly payments over a set period of time. The buyer typically pays a deposit upfront, and then makes regular payments for the remainder of the agreed term, usually two to five years. Once all payments have been made, the buyer will own the vehicle outright. HP finance offers a number of benefits, such as the ability to spread the cost of a vehicle over a longer period of time, fixed interest rates for predictable payments, and the potential to improve credit ratings through regular payments. However, it is important to note that the buyer does not legally own the vehicle until the final payment has been made, and missed payments may result in repossession of the car. Additionally, the interest rates for HP finance may be higher than other forms of car finance, which can lead to higher overall costs.

Finance FAQS:

Got a question about car finance? We have listed the most commonly asked questions below, but please contact us if you have any other queries

Do you offer finance?


Yes, we do offer finance on majority of our vehicles. PCP and HP packages are available at very competitive rates. 

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If I finance my vehicle and cosmetically damage it, what do I do?


We recommend a service that you can add on to your vehicle purchase called 'Shine!' In the event of this unfortunately happens Shine is a mobile smart repairs service that will come out repair small scrapes and dings to your vehicle. 

What is your car finance interest rate?


We offer competitive rates with HP interest rates are from 9.9% APR Representative, PCP interest rates start from 9.9% APR Representative. Subject to your personal credit score

Do you have a finance calculator?


Yes, we do. On each of our listings, you can find a finance calculator to the right-hand side of the page. Pick either a PCP or HP finance offer, enter your deposit, mileage, and term length, and we will provide a personalised finance quote.

What information is needed for a financing decision?


During your application, we'll need your personal details, employment details, address history, bank account details and a copy of your photo driving licence.

How long is my finance offer valid for?

Will applying for finance affect my credit score?


When you apply for finance a lender will run a hard credit check on your credit profile. Too many hard credit checks over a short period can affect your credit score for six months, which could reduce your ability to get approved for credit.